Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Runners - A film by Matan Rochlitz & Ivo Gormley.

I happened to see this short documentary about the purpose of Running.

I find it very meaningful to share and i hope you will be inspire to RUN!

You can read more about the documentary :

A film by Matan Rochlitz & Ivo Gormley.

Its been a long since i last posted....I AM STILL HERE!!!!


for those who wonder what have i been doing for the past 1 year without updating... i am telling you i am still running, keeping myself fit and healthy.

i will be sharing with all of you my running journey via Garmin GPS and never give up!

Monday, December 10, 2012 - Shopping at deep discount price

Readers, ask yourself if you would rather pay more to get what you want in local shop or you can get the same product at 60%-70% of what you are paying?
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Flash or Fire Sale Explained
Flash or fire sale unlike our normal sale do have a time limit and usually last for 2 days, if you have followed mode of sale, you will know that stocks runs out very fast sometimes can be matter of minutes. Based on my understanding, Singaporeans like this form of Flash sale as not only it is exciting but also give you better discount you cannot get from brick and mortar stores here is Singapore.

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Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand!

Nursing Ankle Injury

Hi Readers, I have not been active in my blog recently, partly due to an injured right ankle during the Newton 30KM challenge. Nonetheless, i shall not bow to injury and will continue to do things i am passion about. I had to slip down to 1 weekend run for the time being hoping to fasten recovery from my ankle injury in preparation for next year's Mega Tri Singapore.

In the meanwhile i am going to setup some online deals for all my readers.

Watch my blog posting soon!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

INOV-8 Bare-X Lite F150 Review

Its have been 3 week since i received my F150, i have been running over 60 KMs on them. Its about the right time i can pen my thoughts now.

Here are some of the top and front view of F150.

The INOV-8 F150 was introduced to the market during the minimalist footwear boom a year ago and since then the company took the opportunity to also come out with a few more model under the Bare-X/Road-X line.

My Experience
When i received the show from, i can see that how white it is, its glossy white and when i went out running with it, it immediately attract attention from Chicks around parks and ask me where do i get them from. Wow....attention seeker huh.....Fitting wise, it is best to get a pair that measure just the exact size of your foot as this shoe holds up just like my VFF komodo sport. It has a big toe box, REALLY... i can move my toes freely....amazing by true. Since this is a zero drop model, you are most likely a fore-foot strike runners with a strong calf muscle. There were a few occasion that i done a few heel strike due to sudden brake and gosh... it hurts like hell. The out and mid-sole of the shoe is made of very light material resulted an astonishing weight of only 150g wow it is really that light. It is so light and fitting that i can run non-stop for over 10K every run. Believe me, the ride is good as long as you adopt good gait and running form.

Shoe Quality
Singaporeans like the rest, likes to compare item A with item B. Let me tell you that yes the shoe is made in China but the quality is excellent. INOV-8 probably had tight QC on their shoe when they are produced in China. I particularly like the lace-less tying... so convenient and no worry about shoe lace loose issue. Since i had run 60 KMs on them, the shoe still looks clean and white. There is removable in-sole for those wanted to run without them but my advise is to run without sock with the in-sole for better grip.

Final Words
Go and buy...whether thru or local. If you care about performance and PBs, you should really get yourself a pair. Check out INOV-8 website for more in depth details.

Monday, October 1, 2012

First Purchase From "THECLYMB.COM"

Runners, i am waiting eagerly for my fist purchase from that i had reviewed 2 weeks ago. Its the INOV-8 Men's Bare-X Lite™ 150, White/Red that had garnered rave reviews from runners across the globe. The best part is it cost about SGD 125, still a good savings of at least $50 if you were to buy at local stores. The shipment should reached me by this week so watch out for more information.....

Do not hesitate, join me now by clicking the image :

Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand!

Monday, September 10, 2012

PAssion North Run 2012

Think about having a break after SSBR/AHM 2012??? NO WAY!!! anyone joining me ? 8KM only mah.....
Event Details

NAME : PAssion North Run
DATE : 21 October 2012 (Sunday)
VENUE : Yishun Stadium | Lower Seletar Reservoir Park

8km Competitive Run
- Men Open/Women Open
- Youth Men/Women
4km Fun Run
* Distance and route subjected to changes

Sign up and join me here :

Leave your email address so we can meet up on race day.

SAFRA Singapore Bay Run / Army Half Marathon 2012 Post Race Review

Welcome back fellow runners, it was an eventful day yesterday 9 SEP 2012.

Racing Route

Nearly missed the shutter bus at Yishun SAFRA at 0400H, had a sudden tummy ache before i run off to the bus point. I just thought the bus arrangement by SAFRA was a good one especially those who do not want to drive there. Bus took less than 30min to reach race venue.
Done my dynamic stretching and bottom-up a 500ml magnesium drink as pre-race hydration with my running friends. I had witnessed a sea of runners there wow....amazing. I then deposited my belonging at the deposit counter.

Gun off time
Managed to line up about 50m from the start line, off we goes...... alot of 21k runners and for the first 6km there was a lot of overtaking happening.... along the way there were performances and cheer group, well did not really take a good look. I had a good start within my racing pace but started to hit the wall at 16km onwards. I managed thru at slightly slower pace of 6min/km. Did not really have a good finish at last 500m maybe i am just tire out.

Post race
Official Results out, running 1:49:20 an marginal improvement over 21k race at Punggol Marina (1:52) back in July.

What went well
1. Well organized, bag deposit counter was fast and smooth.
2. the start-off point was big enough to accommodate large number of runners.
3. performances and cheer groups along the route, though at the early wee hours of Sunday, they are there to support the runners. Kudos to them.
4. Hydration stations are well situated with a Salonpas station Babes providing quick muscle relief for runners along the way.

What can be improved
1. A few bottleneck along the race route due to narrow road at certain places, i had to slow down to clear them.
2. there are some grass patches covered by red carpet, i had to slow down as i am not too sure as it seems to be uneven surface. It a good intent by the organizer but had to be properly managed to minimize injury to runner.
3. early race time at 0515H, i personally hate running at wee hours....

Another PB achieved for this race... though not very much but overall i am well satisfy...

21KM Finisher Medal

Pictorial view of my 21KM result

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Wanna get Running Gears at Incredibly Good Price?

Fellow Runners, everybody wants to equip themselves with top quality running gears without breaking the bank. I am one of them, let me share with you this online store called "The Clymb" . It is US based online store that retail sports gears at a very good price. You can save more than 50% if you were to buy from Singapore. As it only shipped to US address at the moment, what you can do is to apply for VPOST USA or CGW or any forwarder based in US to get your item ship over to SG. For me, i am using VPOST USA to do the shipping for me and "The Clymb" is also tagged with so if you have an account with, you can just login and check out from there, very convenience. Save more than 50% now just like what i did by clicking the image below and register an account there.

Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand!

I hope this will save you some money in these uncertain economic period, comments if any.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

BV Sport BOOSTER Calf Compression Review!

Its had been a while updating the blog as i use to not because i had stop running but really... working environment in SG do not favor us Runners... look around in the evening to see how many runner running along the pavement or park!

Alright! I shall stop nagging and continue my review.... the BV Sport BOOSTER calf compression wear.

For those are not familiar with BV Sport series of compression wear can visit their official website listed on the right panel.

To be frank and i am torn into deciding whether to buy the calf compression from BV Sport or COMPRESSPORT Calf Sleeve. For as far as my memory did not fail me, i had tried a pair of BOOSTER during Bike/Swim/Run Expo in Apr this year and in fact had deep impression on how comfortable it was during then.

My Thoughts and Observations
Yes, BV Sports had catered various sizes to ensure that u get the right fit so it is important that u follow the instructions on how to measure your calf dimension in order to get optimum performance.

I can attest that the compression was indeed good, not too tight nor loose. I would like to stress that the material of BOOSTER is of high quality and the elasticity is as good as new even i had been hand washing them a few times. Very comfortable when put on.

Actual run
I had been wearing them for a few runs about 10Km per run and the verdict is that it will not make you run doubt about it!!! I can feel the tightness of my calf for the first 2km possibly due to expansion of my calf muscle and in fact slow me down at least for 10min before performance starts to kick in. Yes, after clearing the first 2K, i can feel that my calf had adjusted itself and i am able to keep up with a sub 5min per KM pace. So the idea of wearing the compression really isn't the intend to make you run faster but to slow down lactic acid buildup as well as fasten post run recovery.

Post Running
I always feel calf soreness every time i train with VFF, but after i worn the BOOSTER, the calf soreness had greatly reduced. Amazing but true.

Final conclusion
A resounding yes "Go-Buy-It". $120 might be hard to swallow for some but trust me, its a good investment and worth buying if you care about beating your own PB or rev up your performance.

PS : Post sale service is great, i had never regret buying it.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Vibram Five Finger - Komodo Sport Shoe Review

The VFF is kinda fall into 2 extreme side of runner's camp, extreme lovers or extreme haters. Barefoot runner will love to wear this for barefoot feel without worry about getting themselves subjected to harmful debris when they hit the concrete while those who had tried it will be cursing after their run wearing their calf and ankle off.

The VFF Komodo sport is consider suitable for most outdoor sports including running. As you can find most of the features on the VFF official site, i will not elaborate any more here, just to share my experience wearing it.

You will need to get your feet measured in the shoe store to get a good fit, i had done mine in Running Lab in Velocity, Novena Square. Once you get the fit right, try to walk around the store to make sure you get the right feel, afterall, you gonna pay SGD200 for a pair here.

Read the instruction booklet
There is a booklet inside the shoe box, take sometime to read it before your first run. This is very important as it contain how you should train properly and correctly with the VFF without sustaining injury. Go read it.

First Run Slow and adopt forefoot strike technique is all about getting started with all VFF shoes. DO IT SLOWLY in the beginning.... i started very fast on my first run for 10k and ended up having calf soreness for 1 week. Give your leg and feet muscles time to adapt to this barefoot shoe.

Interval Training
I am running with my Komodo sport twice a week for 10km and above. Of course if your leg can take it, by all means train with it every time you are out for run. I had experienced good running posture and gaining better timing with Saucony Kinvara 2 after using Komodo Sport for in-between training session.

Conclusion The VFF is not for everyone, that's for sure. I would recommend runners to built their running base first and tried to run barefoot before deciding to get one.

Comments anyone!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sony W262 Music Player Review

Alright, since i have not been running for the last few days so to keep myself busy, let me present the review of this Sony Designed-For-Sport wearable audio player W262. Initially i have bought the white colour version of the player 6 months ago, it however does not played any more music despite full charge and connected up with my laptop for transferring of files. I therefore send in to Sony for RMA and Sony had replaced with a camouflage colour type for me as the white version is not available. Here's the photo.

Features as stated by Sony
a. One-piece wearable music player for wire-free workouts
b. Water-resistant design holds up during intense workouts
c. Drag & drop from iTunes(PC) or Windows Media Player
d. 3-min quick charge = up to 60-min of battery life
e. Compact design with 2 GB internal memory

For para a. Yes, the feeling of not having earphone wire that may interfere when you swing your arm is great. 3 sizes of ear-bud are provided but u must make sure that the earpiece stick firmly into your ear canal when you are running or at the Gym by using the right size. It fitted perfectly well into my ear canal after changing to the largest size of the ear bud. It did not drop down or slipped off my ear at all even when i do my HIIT.

For para b. Yes only water resistant and not water proof. So only clean it with a damp cloth after workout will do, do not dunk the whole earpiece into running water. For raining day usage, i would think that light rain is still perfectly fine but for heavy pour downs i can guarantee it will not damaged the set... although you are welcome to try it if the set is still covered by Sony 12 months warranty period.

For para c. Connecting to PC is fairly easy, simply use the supplied micro usb cable to connect it to the port on the earpiece and the other end to the usb port of your PC or laptop. See photo.

By connecting to the PC or Laptop, 2 things will happen. First, the PC/Laptop will immediately recognize it as storage device so that you can copy and paste your audio files to the player. 2GB of storage can easily stored 500 MP3 tracks so pretty enough to last you thru your run which i will come to the battery life later part. The next thing will happen is that it will at the same time charge the internal battery of the player.

For para d. May or may not be true at least to me. I do not have the information on how long should i be charging the player but based on the red charging LED on the player, it is about 30 min for a full charge cycle. Based on my trial on running the player till it "DIED" on me, it last about 3 hours of continuous music play back which also means that it may not be able to follow thru your run if your timing exceed 3 hours.

For para e. as mentioned, i find it just about the right amount of MP3 audio files u can store to last you for hours till the player "died" on you. Of course the more memory the merrier but i think its perfectly alright with 2GB of space.

Let us look at the control button on the ear piece.

The right side of the ear piece are clearly marked with a "R" with a red circle to prevent you from wearing wrong side, its a good move by Sony although chances of wearing wrong side is very comical, i leave it to your imagination. This right earpiece let you turn the player on and off. On the left side, its empty with no button control, just some marking like serial number etc.

This is the photo to show you the control buttons of the player.

The right side of the ear piece control the play/pause, fwd and reverse as well as a reset pin hole in the event you need to reset the player. The left side is for you to toggle volume up/down as well as shuffle function if you want to jumbo up the audio files not to play them in sequence. Quite a nice feature here.

For runners who cannot live without music for their runs, i would strongly recommend them to get this. Alternatively you may also consider Bluetooth ear phone to pair up with you smart phone if you decided to bring your phone along for runs too. You can pick this up at RRP of $129 at Sony centers or check out the forums i.e hardwarezone or VR-Zone for bargain sets. As for me... i had to run with this no matter what..... Feel free to comment as always......